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Kevin Grangier



A Louisville-area native, Kevin Grangier began his career locally in the marketing and communication world before locating to Los Angeles to start his communication firm.  Over the course of 12 years, Kevin and his team built a family of  companies to encompass a network of branding, public relations and marketing entities that serviced some of the largest,  most recognizable brands in the world. 


Building on his branding background, in 2010 Kevin designed and developed The Village Anchor, an  eclectic European “bistropub” located on the east side of Louisville in Anchorage. Designed  to fuel the dining experience with a variety of unique and memorable nuances, the restaurant was immediately recognized for its unconventional marketing initiatives, and was hailed almost immediately as one of the best eateries in the City.   Operating his first restaurant, Grangier was named   “Restaurateur of the Year” in 2010--The Village Anchor’s first year of operation.  


The learnings and success behind the award-winning Village Anchor drive Kevin's latest venture, Le Moo Fine+Steak+House.

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