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a dining experience as remarkable as the food

Miyazaki Wagyu

Dinner: Table-side Chef's Presentation of Miyazaki Wagyu (from Japan) entree, plus the Certificate of Authenticity (cattle's nose print and guest's thumb print).

A must-do dinner experience in Louisville!


Filet Flight

Dinner: 18-OZ. TENDERLOIN FLIGHT | Includes 6-oz Choice, 6-oz Prime, 6-oz Wagyu. With choice of one side.

To share as a table or the flight is a favorite individual entree option. 


the 'Keep er' Mooovin'

Brunch: Le Moo's French (Press[ed] by you at your table) experience, including fresh half-and-half creme, sugar, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Order in regular or decaf. Large or small.


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